We’re reducing our footprint.

Today’s consumers demand more than just perfect fit and comfort. They care about the environment and choose brands that share their values.
We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through each step of the manufacturing process — from our Lasts to our Footbeds.

Now GRS certified!

As consumer demand for eco-friendly products increases, the footwear industry has responded with calls for greater sustainability in materials and production. We started our journey to perfect sustainability with PerfX foams, and we won’t stop until we get to 100%. Our commitment to responsible social, environmental, and chemical production practices made us the only Tier-2 supplier to earn Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification in Vietnam.

Rethink. Refoam. Reboot.

At Jones & Vining, we’ve been building customized solutions for our partners for over 90 years. Our Research & Development team continually strives to develop eco-friendly foam formulations. Our PerfX Pure and Free foams deliver maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact — and give our partners the competitive edge.
Made with bio-based and recycled materials, our foams offer 30-90% eco content.
This industry-leading memory foam contains 32% sustainable content.

Recycle. Regrind. Reuse.

We’re reducing our carbon footprint one Last at a time, with our three-step sustainable manufacturing process.
01 Recycle
T1 factories ship their Lasts to us, where we sort, inspect, and disassemble them before cutting them down into small pieces.
01 Recycle
02 Regrind

We regrind the recycled pieces, granulating them into pellets.

02 Regrind
03 Reuse

We create a blend of 70% virgin material and 30% from reground Lasts.

03 Reuse

Let’s team up to protect the planet.

Contact us to find out how we can create customized, sustainable formulations and stories. Your consumers will love you, and the Earth will thank you!