Quality Lasts:
A Lifetime of Precision and Performance.

The last is the foundation of every shoe. When designed and produced properly, a last will ensure ideal fit, comfort and performance. With the most experienced last development team in the industry, Jones & Vining crafts precision lasts for the world’s best footwear companies.

Footwear technology and manufacturing has evolved and expanded since we started doing this 85 years ago. By tracking and anticipating each advance, Jones & Vining has kept pace every step of the way—often taking the lead. Our team of master last-makers brings decades of experience and craftsmanship to leverage the power of contemporary 3-D CAD systems.
  • We take customer service seriously.
  • We strive to improve our practices at all levels, with every engagement.
  • We commit to ensuring effective communications, to maintaining scrupulous project tracking, and to executing flawless manufacturing SOP’s.

The Jones & Vining Compu-Last system revolutionized the footwear category’s data transfer practices. Now the global industry standard, the Compu-Last system is what we rely on to ensure that our factories’ production specs are consistently exact, in the USA and around the world.
We work closely with all of our partners to:
  • Validate existing designs and explore their potential
  • Solve technical challenges
  • Define and enforce strict QC guidelines
  • To create precision lasts with reliably consistent quality of fit, comfort, and performance
  • All Jones & Vining lasts are custom-made, providing exclusivity for each of our OEM/brand partners
  • We are familiar with all forms of international grading standards
  • Jones & Vining lasts can be designed and engineered for all sizes, widths, and genders
  • All trims, plates, hinges, tubes, and markers are available
  • We implement strict quality control guidelines in each one of our worldwide manufacturing facilities